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  • MMMM-Fried foods and engine oil?

    Posted on 08, August, 2017

    Fried foods and engine oil? I would venture to guess that everyone has had fried food at some point in their lives.  It might have been just a simple french fry and onion rings or something exotic like deep fat fried Twinkies at the fair!! Did you know that there are differences in the type of oils you use for frying?!  But before you pick your oil you need to know most foods are fried between 350-400 degrees.  That means that you need to choose oils with a smoke point abov... read more

  • MMMM Battery Cable Connections

    Posted on 02, August, 2017

    Monday Morning Motor Minute this week is about battery cables! I know….. Aren’t you excited to know more about them! But in all seriousness, good clean battery cables, specifically the connectors are very important for the health of your vehicle. As you can see by the pictures below, these battery cables have become corroded from battery acid? (I just call them dirty with brownish green mold looking stuff) When your cables connections become corroded, it interferes with the connec... read more

  • MMMM - Buying a New Vehicle vs. Maintaining Your Vehicle

    Posted on 24, July, 2017

    Good morning everyone this is Mary Ellen with your Motor Minute. According to research from Edmunds the average new car price in 2016 was a record $34,077. That is 2.7% higher than in 2015 and 12.6% higher than it was in 2011. This year, Edmunds expects that price to jump even higher, to about $35,000. Statistics released by Experian... read more

  • MMMM - Spark Plugs!

    Posted on 18, July, 2017

    Today’s Motor Minutes with Mary Ellen is about spark plugs. We had a customer bring in her 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan with over 177,000 because the check engine light came on last night.  The staff used a scan tool to perform the tests necessary to determine the cause of the check engine light.  Their testing found the check engine light was caused by an engine misfire.  Further inspection found that the spark plugs had never been replaced and you can even see the difference... read more

  • MMMM - Serpentine Belt

    Posted on 10, July, 2017

    Good Monday Morning everyone and welcome again to Monday Morning Motoring Minute with Mary Ellen (MM with ME)   Last week I received a call from a stranded motorist. She was driving on the interstate just south of Sioux Falls and this is what she said,   We got it towed to J & M and as you can see by the pictures below there was definitely a problem with the Serpentine belt. The Serpentine belt drives most of the vehicle functions such as the water pump, power steering, the A/C c... read more