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Winter Driving Tips in Sioux Falls

The bitter cold we experience here in the Sioux Falls and Tea, SD areas is HARD on us all - even our vehicles!   The cold temperatures affect our cars in a few different ways.   Firstly, the oil in your vehicle thickens in the cold. The thicker oil means it doesn’t move as easily, which makes it less effective at doing its job - which, among other things, is to lubricate the engine components so they can move properly.   That’s why it’s so important to get regular oil changes before and during the winter. Over time, your vehicle’s oil gets grimy and thick, no matter what time of year. Oil changes remove that thick, grimy oil and replace it with fresh, clean oil that can move freely. If you already have thick oil a cold winter day will make it even thicker, which means it will make it even harder for it to be as effective as it should be.   Secondly, cold weather makes it hard for the battery to provide power to your vehicle. This is w ... read more


Car Care Tips
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