Check Engine Light

check engine lightToday’s vehicles have many complex systems and use computers in your car to monitor and control engines, transmissions, brakes, air conditioning, and airbag systems. Fortunately, you have found J&M Auto Service, Tea and Sioux Falls best equipped and staffed service center. We are the most trusted auto shop for checking your check engine light in Sioux Falls.

When it comes to Check Engine, ABS, and SRS lamps on the dash our ASE Certified Technicians accept the challenge of determining exactly what is wrong and recommending the best possible repair solution. Our technicians attend training regularly and have access to all the latest diagnostic test equipment necessary to pinpoint failures from broken electrical wires to failed components. We never use your vehicle as a proving ground to test parts. Our diagnostic methods ensure you never purchase a part you did not need.

While you might find someone to scan your computer systems for codes. Those codes only identify the circuit or subsystem that is experiencing a problem. The code never accurately identifies the repair or component that caused the light to come on. In almost all cases replacing the part identified by the code never repairs the vehicle.

In fact, many systems today require a reprogramming of the vehicle’s computer when components are replaced. The good news, our ASE Certified Technicians have the knowledge, experience and computer interface tools to perform those services too.

You can be confident in our computer system diagnosis and repairs to keep your vehicle operating as designed and providing safe, dependable, pollution-free driving.

Call our service consultant today to schedule a comprehensive diagnosis of any lights on your dashboard before it becomes a serious problem. If you are looking for help with your check engine light in Sioux Falls, turn to the experts at J&M Auto Service.


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