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I am Jerry Heirigs founder and co-owner of J&M Auto Service.

I am a South Dakota farm boy, I am one of 7 children, we grew up raising cattle and pigs on a large farm, we learned how to work hard and work as a team. I have been in the Auto repair industry for over 40 years.

When I decided to pursue a career as a mechanic, I always had it in the back of my mind to own my own shop. Probably because growing up, we worked for ourselves. My parents worked the Farm and the kids helped out.

I went to trade school, they did a good job of laying a foundation to build on. But I always knew the real knowledge would come from working the job. So I worked in a variety of jobs, from fixing farm tractors, construction equipment, but I found my niche when I started to fix automatic transmissions. I found great satisfaction in taking something as complex as an automatic transmission apart, fixing it, upgrading it and having it work like a dream on the test drive.

That is why the company was started as a specialty transmission shop. As time went on, we needed to fix all of the other parts of the vehicle that affected how the transmission worked. From there it just made sense to fix and maintain the entire vehicle.

So now we are a full service repair shop.

I decided to build a shop where we cared about our customers, by keeping their vehicles safe, reliable and long lasting.

We do that by taking care of our employees, to make sure they have an environment where they can grow and thrive, a place filled with teamwork and opportunity. A place where bad behavior is not tolerated.

To make sure we care for our customers so they can live life, get to work, dance classes, volleyball, soccer, football, weddings, funerals, and new births.

As someone who has been in the industry a long time I have dealt with a lot of the same things you are dealing with now.

  • Like you; I take great pride in the skills I have learned over the years.
  • Like You; I like to be paid for my hard work and what I produce.
  • Like You; I truly enjoy beating “the clock”!
  • Like You; I have been in places with a toxic environment where no one would deal with “that one guy”.
  • Like You; I have dealt with unpleasant company politics.
  • LIKE YOU: I WANT TO BE PART OF A TEAM, WHERE EVERY ONE HAS EACH OTHER’S BACKS. Where they enjoy each other’s company, and will not tolerate drama.

We have a unique opportunity for a Skilled Technician. Are You ready to improve the quality of your life and still make an abundant living?

My goal as the owner is to provide a place where you can live your best life, to provide the opportunities for you to earn great money, and enjoy being part of a great team.

If this Speaks to you, come out and visit us and meet the team, or call my awesome General Manager Kiron At 605-205-0133.

  • We offer Great pay. A master tech can earn $100,000 and more a year. No weekends, Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.
  • Health insurance; company pays 50% of individual premiums up to $200.00 per month. Accident, vision and dental insurance is available.
  • Paid time off, one day per month after 90 days.
  • 401K plan with company contribution.
  • Ongoing education.

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