Sioux Falls Fleet Service

Sioux Falls Fleet ServiceAt J & M Transmission and Auto Service, our fleet program is the perfect choice for companies who need reliable and dependable service for their fleets. Our ASE Certified Technicians are experts in preventive maintenance, so your fleet will be reliable and you can avoid costly repairs. Our company provides quick estimates and will notify you of any repairs prior to making them.

At J & M Transmission and Auto Service, we offer DOT inspections and accept Wright Express, GE Capital fleet, Wheels/MAP. Inc, and ARI fleet cards. If you have any questions about any service, please speak to one of our service consultants. Our team is ready to be your partner. We will work hard to make your fleet the reliable service your customers depend on.

Fleet Maintenance Survey

We at J&M are researching the market to add fleet maintenance to the services we provide. We are proposing to do all the maintenance on your fleet of vehicles to keep them up and on the road doing what you bought them for. It is normally much less expensive to keep your fleet maintained then to have them broken down.