Motoring Minute

Motoring Minute – Not All Oils are Created Equal

As we continue our discussion on oils, this week we turn our attention from cooking oil to motor oil. Like cooking oils there are many different types of motor oil.

First let starts with the 3 basic types of motor oils: regular, semi-synthetic, and full synthetic. Within each of the basic types, there are different viscosities of oils. What is that you ask? Well viscosities are how much effort it takes to make the oil flow. So a 5W20 will flow easier than a 5W30.

Remember in part one, I shared that when you change your cooking oil depends on how and what kind of food you cook in it. Well like cooking oil, what type of oil you use and how you use the vehicle will determine how often you should change your oil. Full synthetic motor oils will last longer than the regular oil.

Generally speaking, the in town short trips to school or work is harder on the oil and vehicle overall than longer interstate type of driving. Extreme weather changes and gravel roads are also on the list to consider when to change your oil.

All vehicles have a manufacture recommendation for the type of oil you are to use. We at J & M, follow those recommendations religiously. If you do not follow the manufacture recommendation, it will void any manufacture warranty you may have. If you don’t have any warranty left then you will also want to follow those same recommendations. After all, who wants to buy an engine!!

Motor oil, like cooking oil will degrade with both time and miles so make sure you take a look at that little sticker that is normally on your windshield or most vehicles now days will have an indicator light that will remind you to get those oil changes done.

Don’t have time to get your oil changed? At J & M, we offer a free local vehicle pick-up and delivery back to home or work. Just give our staff a call at 368-2050 to schedule your appointment.

Have a great weekend!

Mary Ellen