Sioux Falls Oil Change

Sioux Falls Oil ChangeAt J & M Transmission and Auto Service, we are your partner in protecting the investment you made in your vehicle. We understand the importance of being able to depend on your car to provide safe and reliable transportation for you and your family. That is why we offer the most reliable oil change in Sioux Falls, SD.

While an oil change may seem simple, we take it very seriously. Every oil change is performed by an ASE Certified Technician so you can be confident your vehicle was in good hands.

Our full-service oil change includes draining the crankcase, disposal of the used motor oil and oil filter, installing a premium grade oil filter, refilling the crankcase to the proper level with oil as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Lubrication of steering linkages, if applicable, we check and adjust all fluid levels, set your tire pressures to the manufacturer’s specification, and every oil change includes a preventive maintenance inspection. We will immediately bring to your attention any service item or recommended maintenance that needs to be performed.

This is a partnership you can count to keep your vehicle safe, reliable and dependable!

Schedule an appointment for your next oil change in Sioux Falls through this website or call our service consultant today.