30K Mile Service

You might feel like you just bought your car and the 30K mile mark came along pretty quick. This is an important service interval for your vehicle. Performing the 30K recommended maintenance will keep your car safe and reliable, exactly what you were looking for when you purchased the vehicle.

Avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs when you have the recommended maintenance performed at J&M Auto Service in Sioux Falls. Get the best service possible from people who consider you family.

Our talented team of ASE Certified Technicians will make sure that your service is completed correctly the first time. Most often, a 30K mile visit is a minor one that only requires a few basic maintenance items be performed. With your car now inspected and maintenance up to date, you can drive with confidence knowing you have protected your valuable investment.

Call or stop by today to make an appointment for a 30K mile service on your Audi, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Jeep, BMW, Lexus, Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan, and many more. Join the family of satisfied customers at J&M Auto Service today.

30k Services

  • Have your alignment checked every year of 15,000 miles
  • Have your cabin air filter/air filter changed every 15k or 2 years
  • Have your brakes fluid flushed every 30k miles
  • Do an air induction service done every 15k for gas direct injection vehicles
  • Every 30k for port injected vehicles
  • Change resistor spark plugs

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