Transmission Diagnostic Services

Transmission Diagnostic TeaThe transmission in today’s vehicles is a very complex electronically controlled unit. There are many things that can affect how the transmission works.

Over 50% of the time, if the transmission is not working correctly, it does not need a transmission repair or replacement. The problem is somewhere else in the vehicle. Think of Transmission Diagnostic Services as a doctor visit. You want to go to the doctor first before scheduling open heart surgery because you might not need it!

At J & M in Tea SD, our technicians are trained to work on the whole vehicle, so we can get to the bottom of the problem no matter where it is in the vehicle.

If your car or truck does need a transmission repair we can do that, and if it needs a replacement. We offer remanufactured transmissions with a 3 Year 100,000-mile nationwide warranty. We can normally get your car or truck back on the road in just a couple of days.

So if your vehicle is not shifting properly please give us a call, or set up an appointment online.