Sioux Falls Transmission Service & Repair

When you need a thorough transmission flush or reliable transmission repair in Sioux Falls, J&M Transmission is your source for top-quality auto repair. We combine a state of the art repair facility with the area’s top technicians to form an unbeatable auto repair experience.

Transmission Diagnostic Services

You may be surprised to know that when transmissions aren’t working correctly over half of the time the problem is not with the transmission and doesn’t require transmission repair or replacement. So make sure to get your transmission diagnosed before budgeting for costly repairs. Click to learn more about our Transmission Diagnostic Services. And remember, when it comes to Sioux Falls transmission service and repair, nobody can beat J&M Transmission & Auto Service.

Transmission Flush and Service:

Performing the transmission fluid and filter service as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer or your transmission specialist keeps your vehicle operating as designed and prevents unexpected break downs and costly repairs.

Our automatic transmission service includes removing the transmission pan and transmission filter for inspection and installation of a new filter (if applicable) and installing the transmission oil pan with a new gasket and tightening the fasteners to specification. We use equipment designed specifically to flush and remove all the old transmission fluid from the system and fill with new fluid.

Transmission Repair

The J & M Transmission and Auto Service specialists are experts in transmission repair. They attend training regularly and understand the complexities of today’s computer-controlled transmissions. They can quickly and accurately diagnose your transmission problem and recommend the repair procedure to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

Remanufactured Transmissions

As the regional distributor for Certified Transmission®, J & M Transmission and Auto Service makes remanufactured transmissions available to general automotive repair shops, fleets, new and used car dealerships, and salvage yards. Each transmission is Dyno tested for 30 minutes before leaving the plant. The remanufactured transmission comes with installation instructions and technical support. J & M Transmission and Auto Service has access to over 3500 remanufactured transmissions. Every remanufactured transmission includes the latest technology with the most recent updates and improvements available. For more information on our Sioux Falls transmission repair and service, please contact us through this website or call us.