Wheel Alignment

wheel alignmentWhat is a wheel alignment? Does it actually help my car? A wheel alignment is just a way for my mechanic to make me pay more money, a common myth. These questions are on people’s minds when they think about wheel alignments, but J&M Auto Service in Tea SD is here to answer these questions and put that myth to rest.

Wheel Alignments Tea, SD

A wheel alignment is very beneficial to your car, and will actually save you money in the long run. What actually is a wheel alignment? A wheel alignment is done by a professional mechanic who hooks your car up to a laser-guided machine set to the correct specifications for your car. The mechanic then finely adjusts the suspension and steering components to align the wheels to be as straight, forward-facing as possible. This is not always perfect, but they can get the alignment within 0.5 degrees of perfect alignment. Doing so provides your car with many benefits. We at J&M Auto Service recommend you get an alignment every two to three years, or if something happens to knock it out of alignment.

Benefits of a Wheel Alignment Tea, SD

When getting a recommendation from a mechanic on receiving a wheel alignment, many people question the benefits of one. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits a wheel alignment can do for your car:

  • Better handling on your car
  • Increasing the life of your tires
  • Better gas mileage (yes this is true)
  • Overall safety improvement for you and others

Do your car, other drivers, and yourself a favor and get a regular wheel alignment. It only has to be done every two or three years. Let us at J&M Auto Service keep track of when you’ll need an alignment for you. Set an appointment today, and let us handle the rest.


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