Back to School

Car Problems to Fix Before Going Back To School

Back-to-school time in Tea, SD (let alone, the entire Sioux Falls SD Metro!) is a busy time for many. Your time is likely full of driving kids to soccer practice, waiting in student pick up lines, and getting all your last-minute school shopping done!

But a car that is making noise, a car that has a weird smell, or a car that is just not working right can make all those trips stressful, and possibly even dangerous. Here are some common auto repair issues to fix before you or your kids go back to school:

Car brakes that squeak, squeal or grind:

Are your car’s brakes squeaking? Do you hear a squealing noise when you press down on your brakes? Or maybe your car’s brakes are grinding?  The brake pads on vehicles naturally wear down with use. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced mechanic check your brakes regularly and to pay attention to the condition they are in. If you hear a noise or sense your vehicle’s brakes grinding, it’s probably a sign that they need help. Give J&M Transmission & Auto Service in Tea a call, and we’d be happy to inspect your brake pads, brake rotors, brake fluid, etc.

Vehicle’s steering wheel shakes:

Does your car’s steering wheel shake while driving? If so, there could be several different things causing your steering wheel’s shaking. However, the most common reason is that there is a problem with the car’s tires and/or your car’s suspension isn’t working properly. If you’re experiencing a shaking steering wheel, it’s a good idea to get it inspected by an ASE certified technician.

Car’s warning light is on:

One of the most common issues we see at J&M Transmission & Auto Service is an illuminated check engine or warning light. There are hundreds of codes that can trigger a check engine light to go on, which means there are hundreds and hundreds of possible things that could need your attention. At J&M Transmission & Auto Service, we offer a free 15-minute vehicle diagnosis. During our free diagnostic procedure, we will scan your vehicle to see what is going on and give you an exact estimate for how much the repair and/or the next step would be. Our free car inspections help people from Tea to Harrisburg, to Sioux Falls and beyond feel comfortable understanding their vehicle and repairing it quickly and efficiently.

If your vehicle’s warning light is on, if your car is shaking when you drive, and or it is making a noise when you brake, give our ASE Certified technicians a call today at 605-368-2050. We’d be honored to serve you!