Do I Really Need to Bring My Vehicle in For Mileage Service?
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Do I Really Need to Bring My Vehicle in For Mileage Service?

Many drivers view the mileage service as an inconvenience, but we here at J&M Transmission and Auto Service cannot stress how important these maintenance visits are. Your car, SUV or truck is a complex piece of machinery and machine parts wear down and fail over time. Each mileage service allows a certified auto technician to replace the parts before they fail, and this is good for the following reasons.

Saves You Time and Money

A 30,000, 60,000 or 90,000 mileage service may mean your automobile will be in the shop for the day but imagine how long it would be in the shop if your transmission broke down? At each mileage milestone, vehicle manufacturers recommend belt, fluid, hose and part replacements, which keeps your vehicle running safely and efficiently. When you consider a day in the shop to keep your car running at its best versus two weeks in the shop for a transmission rebuild, you see where we’re going with this.

These mileage milestone services save you time and money. One day versus a week or two without your automobile; that’s a huge time savings. A transmission oil change versus a transmission replacement; that’s a huge cost savings. Your car running efficiently; that’s also a cost huge savings. Your vehicle only gets the best gas mileage it can get when it’s running at its best. If it’s in dire need of an oil change or clean air filter, you’ll be spending more money at the fuel pump.

Extends the Life of Your Automobile

This, too, saves you money in the end. The more mileage you get out of your car, truck or SUV the more money you get out of it. Think about it. If you can pay off your vehicle and avoid car payments for years, how much more money would that be in the bank? If you don’t take care of your vehicle, it will break down long before you pay it off, which is why mileage service visits extend the lifespan of your car. They prevent breakdowns and keep all systems healthy and operational

One of the best ways to kill your engine early is to ignore mileage service visits. Avoiding your service visits almost ensures a broken belt, leaking hose, leaking fluids or worse yet, a broken timing belt – we won’t even talk about how much that will cost you to repair. Get the most out of your vehicle by bringing it into J&M Transmission and Auto Service for its mileage maintenance. You will find us on 100th Street in Tea, SD, and you can call us at 605-368-2050.