Fix Your Alignment with J&M Transmission

Your vehicle is designed to drive in smooth, straight lines no matter how windy your roads are. Ever tested your alignment by taking your hands off the wheel for a second? Did it wander in the lane? Notice that you have to crank the wheel a bit more to keep it straight?


J&M Transmission can help with your auto repair needs in Tea, South Dakota. We are a family owned and operated business with extensive knowledge of alignments and transmissions. We are ready to help you and yours – we don’t just fix cars, we help you go places.


How do you know you have an alignment issue?

Unfortunately, your alignment doesn’t offer lights on your dashboard like an engine issue. The easiest way to detect an alignment issue as stated previously is noticing your vehicle pulling in either direction when the steering wheel is straight. You might also notice your tires squealing from uneven wear or extra difficulty turning. 


Vehicles need to use more energy when driving with poor alignment, so your gas mileage can be affected. Alignment issues have many symptoms and most are gradual. All are signs that your alignment needs some work so bring it to J&M Transmission to get some help! Our work on makes like Toyota, Chevrolet and Ford are well known within our community.

Bad Alignments Matter More Than You Think

Your vehicle is a system of moving parts with most moving parts affecting another moving part. A poor alignment will also wear down your steering and suspension parts faster than normal because they are designed to be used at specific angles. Having multiple systems that need work is more expensive and unpleasant in many ways, as car repairs can also disrupt your time and safety.


Have your alignment checked regularly with your oil change at J&M Transmission. Our professional ASE Certified Technicians can ensure your vehicle is aligned properly to avoid future issues and communicate any concerns effectively.  If you have bigger issues, we save you time and keep your life rolling by offering free loaner vehicles and rides to and from work, among other conveniences our current customers love.. Our goal is to provide outstanding preventative maintenance with the best possible service.


Why J&M Transmission?

J&M Transmission is well known for providing top quality service on our transmission and alignment. People from all over South Dakota come to see us, including Sioux Falls. We save you money too! Dealers tend to charge higher hourly rates to pay for the overhead of a large building and advertising budget. We charge less per hour because we know the importance of saving money on your vehicle repairs. 


You can call us at 605-777-7736 or stop by our shop at 46947 100th St, Tea, SD 57064 any time. Look us up and we can go the extra mile to make your vehicle run better today. Your small town family owned vehicle service center awaits!