Help! Red Fluid Is Leaking Out Of My Car!

If you see red or reddish-brown fluid leaking from the center of your car, it’s transmission fluid, and this can get serious if you don’t have the leak fixed ASAP. Transmission fluid does more than lubricate the internal transmission parts; it also helps the transmission shift the gears. J&M Transmission & Auto Service can find the transmission leak and fix it. Here are common places of transmission leaks.

Drain Plug or Pan

The transmission pan holds transmission fluid, and mechanics use the drain plug to drain it. The transmission pan is located on the bottom of your car and, you guessed it, can be hit frequently by road debris and rocks. This can poke a hole in the pan and make it leak. A drain plug leak is most commonly caused by age and wear and tear or installation failure.

Broken Seals

Automatic transmissions generate a lot of pressure. This hydraulic pressure is what helps the unit shift gears. There are a variety of seals through the transmission’s system that must stand up to this hydraulic pressure. Over time, the seals wear down and leak transmission fluid. If a car is older and not driven much, the seals can also dry up, crack, and leak.

Pan Gasket Leaks

It might sound as if the transmission pan gasket is a metal part that screws to something but it’s actually a thin piece of rubber that lies between the transmission pan and housing. This protects both the pan and housing and also helps to prevent transmission fluid from getting into the housing. The pan gasket can leak if it’s old, not installed properly, or if it cracks.

Bad Torque Converter

The torque converter pushes the transmission fluid through the transmission system. The body of the torque converter can crack with age or malfunction, and the torque converter needle bearings can also get damaged as the part ages. This will cause a transmission fluid leak and, unfortunately, we’ll need to replace the torque converter to stop the fluid loss.

Cracked Fluid Lines

Finally, the pan gasket is made of rubber and the transmission lines are made of aluminum or steel. Go figure! These lines are also located primarily on the bottom of your vehicle which means they can be damaged by the road. If you run over a curb, and we’ve all done that by accident, you can actually knock a transmission fluid line off the system.

You can by our name that we’re experts in automatic and manual transmissions, so call J&M Transmission & Auto Service in Tea, SD, today if your vehicle’s transmission is leaking.