How Often Do I Need My Wheels Aligned?

Generally, you should have your wheels aligned every two years. You also need to get them aligned when you have a new set of tires put on them. Your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s suspension is designed to go straight unless you turn it in a different direction. Proof that your wheels are aligned is this straight, forward motion. J&M Transmission & Auto Service advises that if your vehicle drifts to the side, the wheels are not aligned. You may have knocked them out of alignment prematurely. Here’s how.


Even minor automobile accidents can knock your wheels out of alignment. It’s important to have your vehicle inspected after any incident to make sure there isn’t any unseen damage. This can include a problem with your wheel alignment and balance.


Bumps in the road can also knock your wheels out of alignment if you go over them too quickly. This includes speed bumps that should be driven over at five miles per hour or less. Flying over bumps can also damage your vehicle’s suspension and tires.


This includes the metal covers on the road during road construction. It’s important to slow down in construction zones to prevent driving over these covers too quickly. It’s also important to slow down in the zones to protect the construction workers.


A common way to knock your wheels out of alignment is to hit a curb when you are turning around a corner. This shoves the wheel that makes the impact with the curb inward. This can also damage your tire. In fact, if you hit the curb hard enough, you may blow out the tire. Take it easy when turning corners and when parallel parking to avoid hitting curbs.


Parking space markers are not designed to be hit or driven over. They are there to control how far you pull into a parking space. Make sure you pull into the space slow enough to stop before you hit the cement marker. Hitting it will jolt your front wheels backward.


Finally, one of the worst things you can do for your wheel alignment is to fly through a pothole. Potholes wreak havoc on your tires and wheels. While driving through them, the wheels are jolted in several different directions. This knocks them out of alignment and damages your suspension.

We can help here at J&M Transmission & Auto Service in Tea, SD. One of the services we offer is wheel alignment, so call us today if you need to get your wheels aligned.

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