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Monday Morning Motor Minute – Recirculation

My name is Mary Ellen and for those that don’t know me I am the “M” in the J & M Transmission and Auto Service. I left nursing after 20 years and join my husband, Jerry here to help him build the business. Well that was 15 years ago and boy, have I learned a lot. So much so that I thought I would share a few tip of the trade. So please join me for Motoring Minutes with Mary Ellen!!

Today’s Motoring Minute-Recirculation!

Given that Wednesday 21st was the first day of summer; I thought I would share a summer tip about your air condition in your vehicle. On those really hot days, are you tuning on the recirculation button on? For those that don’t know what that looks like, here is an example.

When you use recirculation button, it draws the inside air to cool instead of trying to cool the outside air. You will find that if you use that when your vehicle is really hot inside, it will cool the vehicle faster and make you feel cooler!!

However, if you are not getting cold air out the vents, it’s time to get you’re A/C checked by the professionals at J & M to find out the “why”.

Hope you have a great week friends,

Mary Ellen (AKA—ME)

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