Motoring Minute

Motor Minute – A/C Tips

Good Monday Morning everyone and welcome Motor Minute with Mary Ellen:

Last week I talked about the importance of using the recirculation button on those very hot days. It really does help cool the vehicle faster so give it a try!

This week I want share a few other tips about you’re vehicles A/C.

When customers call wanting a price on what it will take to “fix” their A/C, it is something we are not likely able to do without seeing the vehicle. Even just to say “My air condition is not working.” Is not as simple as you think.

The first questions we have to ask are:

  1. Is the fan blowing air or not  


  1. Is it blowing cold, warm, or hot air?

Each of these symptoms will lead us down different paths and the cost differs greatly even within each of them. It could be as simple as fuses or cooler lines but as complicated as needing a new A/C compressor.

The next time you have any A/C issues or questions, just remember we can take care of them either way without you throwing parts to fix something that it “might” be.

Thanks to all our Service Men and woman who made our Independence Day possible!

Have a safe 4th of July
Mary Ellen (AKA—ME)