Motor Minute - Serpentine Belt
Motoring Minute

Motor Minute – Serpentine Belt

Good Monday Morning everyone and welcome again to Motoring Minute with Mary Ellen (MM with ME)

Last week I received a call from a stranded motorist. She was driving on the interstate just south of Sioux Falls and this is what she said,

“I was just driving along and all of a sudden the vehicle just died. I lost power steering and managed to get it pulled off the road. I had steam coming from under the hood and I could see the belt came off.”

We got it towed to J & M and as you can see by the pictures below there was definitely a problem with the Serpentine belt. The Serpentine belt drives most of the vehicle functions such as the water pump, power steering, the A/C compressor, and alternator. Hot temperatures are very hard on the belts on your vehicle. It is very important to have them checked with your oil changes so you too don’t get left alongside the road.

I have included a picture of the belt that came off this vehicle. The first picture is of the whole belt as we found it in the vehicle. The second picture is a close-up.

See all those cracks? They are not supposed to be there! Share this post with your friends and family so they too are prepared for summer traveling.

Please feel free to call me at J & M Transmission and Auto Service at 605-368-2050 anytime if you have any questions!

Mary Ellen (AKA ME)