Signs Of Transmission Problems

Your vehicle cannot fully function if you are dealing with transmission problems. That’s why J&M Transmission & Auto Service, your auto mechanic in Tea, SD wants you to be on the lookout for some of the signs that you may have a transmission issue.

Some of them are quite obvious and others may require you to pay a little closer attention. Either way, a transmission issue will need to be taken care of right away. It’s important that you know these signs and be able to properly identify them.

When you do, your next step should be bringing it to an ASE Certified Technician near Lennox, SD. From there, they will be able to check it out and repair the problem on the same day. J&M Transmission & Auto Service does exactly that.

Let’s dive right into the following signs of transmission problems that you can be able to identify easily:

Leakage of transmission fluid

Needless to say, transmission fluid leakage is pretty self-explanatory. It means there is a transmission issue. This kind of fluid has a red color and sweet smell to it. If you notice this leakage, get it in our shop ASAP.

J&M Transmission and Auto Service does same day repairs that are very quick. If you have places to go, you can use one of our loaner cars. If you need a ride to work or home, our free rides to and from the shop are available.

Difficulty shifting

This is an easy to spot sign of transmission issues. If you are trying to change gears, but have a hard time doing so, it may be time to bring it in for a repair. Replacement parts provided by J&M Transmission & Auto Service are backed by a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty.

These parts are high quality and we will make sure they will last you quite some time. We know that a transmission that doesn’t shift properly will require the best attention possible.

Clunking/grinding noises

If you hear any grinding or clunking within your transmission, get into the shop ASAP. This may require you to listen carefully as the sounds may not be as loud and audible enough. This could mean a worn transmission that may need to be lubricated properly or replaced outright depending on any damage. 

Other noises may include humming or other strange noises.

Transmission problems? Come see us

J&M Transmission & Auto Service is your auto mechanic in Tea, SD that will fix your transmission issues when you need it most. Without a fully functional transmission, you may not have any place to go. You have errands to run, kids to drop off and pick up, and other daily tasks.

Keep your transmission in top shape. Check on it once in a while and make sure it is well lubricated. To ensure that your transmission and the rest of your car is in good shape, stop in for an inspection.

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