Summer Road Trip Tips

Summer Road Trip Tips

Summer is a great time to gather the family and hit the open road. Whether you’re heading off to explore some national parks or you’re visiting relatives far away, summer road trips are always a memorable experience. Before you head out to your adventure, there are a few important things to remember so that you can enjoy your summer trip worry-free. Read on for some helpful advice that will ensure your vehicle and your passengers are safe and happy.

Give your Vehicle a Check-up

Before you even pack your luggage, you should have your vehicle inspected for safety before a long trip. Check the air pressure in all tires, including the spare and make sure each one has the correct level of air pressure. Make sure your windshield wiper blades are in good condition, are functioning properly, and that you have a good level of windshield cleaning fluid. Check your battery and cables to see if you need a recharge or a battery cable cleaning. Ask your mechanic to check your brake pads and linings so you know everything is in good condition. You should also change the oil and check all lights to ensure everything is working.

Pack an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is something you should keep inside your vehicle at all times and a road trip is a perfect time to make one if you don’t have one already. Make sure you have jumper cables in the trunk just in case your battery dies. An emergency flat tire repair kit is a good idea, too. Include items like a flashlight and spare batteries, a few extra blankets, and a first aid kit for safety. If you break down, you’ll need road flares or hazard triangles to make yourself visible to other drivers.

Don’t Forget the Kids

If you’re bringing the little ones along on your trip, remember to ensure that each child has the proper safety restraints. While you’re driving, use this time to educate your children about good, safe driving habits. Pack a cooler with some delicious snacks including fruit, snack bars, or granola. Be sure to bring plenty of water for everyone, too. Take frequent breaks so everyone can stretch their legs and use the restroom. Give your kids something to do while you drive so they can stay focused and you won’t be distracted. Whether it’s a favorite book or a game, keeping them entertained will make the experience better for everyone.

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