Top 3 Most Common Ways Your Air Conditioning Can Fail

Air conditioning is a miracle of modern science. There are places on earth that would be uninhabitable without air conditioning. It is unlikely there would be humans living in Arizona or Nevada, for instance, if they could not cool themselves off during the summer. But now there are millions of humans living there. Here are ways your air conditioning can fail.

Air conditioning units are not perfect though, particularly in cars. The thing about air conditioning in cars is that the air conditioning is not necessary for the car to function. If your air conditioning breaks or starts to break, your car will still run fine, and there will be nothing to indicate what is going to break till it has already broke.

This short guide will walk you through what can go wrong so you can spot it before it is a disaster.

Reason #1: Your AC’s Electrical Panel

So, you are getting into your car at the height of summer. The sun has been blaring down for hours and will continue to cook the landscape for hours more. You are in the middle of leaving work and just want to relax on your drive home. You hit the button to turn on your AC, but nothing happens. 

What went wrong? What did you do to deserve this? Well, it is not anything you did. It is probably a problem with the wiring connected to the AC’s controls. Most people worry that this indicates a greater electrical problem with the car. Rest assured, it does not. Your battery is fine. If it wasn’t, your car would die.

The electrical switches of the air conditioning console are a completely different kind of electrical system than the electrical system of the car itself. They take power from the car battery, but a problem with the AC buttons is not going to cause problems with the car battery. If the car battery had problems, other things would happen.

Reason #2: The Cooling Fluid of the AC

And then there is the situation where you turn on the AC and you get hot air rather than cold air. This is an uncomfortable problem to face, but it is not as bad as it seems. It means there is a leak in the AC system’s freon, which is the coolant that makes it cool. Patching that leak is a mechanic’s job.

It should be noted that the coolant of the AC is different from the cooling fluid of the car itself. Your AC lacking cooling fluid does not mean your engine is in danger of overheating. Always keep your eye on the check engine light though, just in case.

Reason #3: A Problem With Your Fan

Another possibility is that you get into your car and turn on the AC to full blast, only to be met with a totally pathetic breath of somewhat cool air. It’s not blowing any air, and the air might even be a little cool, but they’re just is not enough of it. This is a very different problem than the previous one. 

Rather than the electrical system not working, this is a problem the with fan. This could mean that something is obstructing the movement of the fan, weighing it down, or that a rotor is out of alignment.

These are the three most common reasons an air conditioning system is at fault. All three are rather hard to fix without the help of an expert, so if you would like to talk to an expert, J&M Transmission Service & Auto Service in Tea SD is here to help you. Just call 605-777-7736 and we can get your car blowing cool air again in a jiffy.