Transmission Fluid Stages By Color

Your vehicle’s transmission fluid goes through several stages before it needs to be replaced. These stages are defined by their colors. On average, plan to have your transmission fluid changed every 30,000 miles. This ensures that you always have clean transmission fluid in the transmission to protect it and help with the gear shifts. J&M Transmission & Auto Service can change your transmission fluid for you, so look no further than our shop. Let’s talk below about the transmission fluid life stages by their color.

Bright Red or Red

Bright red or red transmission fluid is in good shape. It’s in its ideal life stage. This fluid does not need to be changed provided it is also translucent. Transmission fluid protects the transmission and draws heat away from the moving parts. It also helps the transmission shift gears by acting as a hydraulic fluid. As long as your transmission fluid is bright red or red and see-through, you don’t need to get it changed.

Light Brown or Orange

The next stage in the transmission fluid’s life is light brown or orange. This means that the transmission fluid is aging, but it is also still doing its job. Again, as long as you can see through the light brown or orange transmission fluid, you don’t need to get it changed yet. If the fluid is opaque or milky, there is something wrong.

Brown or Dark Brown

The transmission fluid has reached the end of its life stage when it turns brown or dark brown. The change in color is caused by fluid oxidation. The fluid is filling with tiny air bubbles that prevent it from doing its job. The air bubbles not only reduce the fluid’s lubrication abilities but also make it difficult for your transmission to shift gears. It’s crucial that you change brown or dark brown transmission fluid immediately. Waiting to get it changed can damage the transmission.

Black or Pink

Black or pink transmission fluid has not only reached the end of its life stage but it is also damaging your transmission. Black fluid is completely oxidized and opaque. You will have transmission problems if you are driving with black transmission fluid.

Pink transmission fluid brings about an entirely different set of problems. This fluid, which is often described as a strawberry milkshake, has been contaminated by engine coolant. This indicates you have a serious leak between the two systems.

As we said above, J&M Transmission & Auto Service in Tea, SD, would be happy to change your transmission fluid. Call us today to set up a service appointment.


Photo by chat9780 from Getty Images via Canva Pro