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Signs Your Clutch Is Going Bad and Needs to Be Adjusted or Replaced

It’s hard to tell exactly how long the clutch will last on your manual transmission. In some cases, it might only last 30,000 miles, but some drivers are so easy on their clutches that they last a hundred thousand miles or more. J&M Transmission & Auto Service can keep an eye on your clutch and adjust it so that it lasts longer. If you notice any of the following signs below, your clutch could be going bad.

Acceleration Problems

Oftentimes, a clutch that is wearing down won’t catch, and you will end up with acceleration problems. Your engine will rev, but your vehicle won’t go anywhere. This is because the clutch has not engaged completely, and you may not be in first gear. This can also happen when you downshift and try to speed up if the clutch is worn out and not engaging.

Hard Gear Shifts

If the clutch is worn out, it won’t be easy to shift gears. You may also find it impossible some mornings to get your vehicle into gear from neutral. You know how your automobile shifts, and the process and how difficult it is really should never change. If it does, this is a sign of clutch problems or an issue with the manual transmission itself.

Slipping Clutch/Gears

If your clutch is slipping, this means that it is coming out of engagement before you disengage it yourself. This makes it difficult to get your vehicle into gear or shift gears, and you may end up with a high engine rev, as discussed above. Another sign that your clutch is going bad or having a problem with your transmission is the gears themselves slipping out of gear.

Squeaking/Grumbling Noises

You may hear your clutch squeak every time you depress it, or it may grumble. This is a sign that the internal mechanisms are wearing down and need to be replaced. In some cases, we can replace the noisy parts without having to replace your entire clutch. In other cases, we may have to replace the clutch depending on how bad the damage is.

Stickiness or Sponginess

Finally, you know how your clutch pedal feels, and it should never feel sticky or spongy. If it does, again, you have internal mechanisms that are wearing down.

J&M Transmission & Auto Service in Tea SD, would be happy to take a look at your clutch and let you know whether it can be adjusted or needs to be replaced. Please give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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