Signs Your Sprinter Van’s Transmission Is Going Out

You see Sprinter vans all over the place now. These wonders by Mercedes-Benz are perfect as delivery vans. If you have a fleet of Sprinter vans, we can maintain them here at J&M Transmission & Auto Service. Preventative maintenance helps stop your Sprinter van’s transmission problems in their tracks. Here are signs your Sprinter vans are having transmission trouble.

Check Engine Light Warning

The check engine light will illuminate on the dashboard if there is a problem with the transmission. This light needs to be taken seriously no matter the problem. Studies show that the check engine warning is accurate nearly all of the time and finds hidden and obvious engine problems.

Grinding or Squealing Sounds

Another sign your sprinter van is having transmission problems is grinding or squealing sounds when it shifts gears. You should never hear the gear shifts except for the change in the engine’s RPMs. If you hear strange sounds when the vehicle shifts gears, the transmission is having a problem.

Humming in Neutral

One clear sign of transmission trouble is humming when the vehicle is in neutral. In fact, if you suspect that the transmission is going bad in one of your sprinter vans, you could start it up, put it in neutral, and listen for humming sounds. If you don’t hear them, though, this doesn’t mean that the transmission isn’t going bad. There may be other signs, so don’t count on this sign alone.

Overheating Transmission

If your transmission is overheating, you will smell burning odors coming from underneath the van. This could be a sign that the transmission fluid is too low, too old, or too dirty to do its job.

Shaking or Vibration

As we said above, shifting gears should be silent and the gear shifts should also be smooth. Your vehicle should not vibrate or shake as the transmission shifts through the gear cycle. If it does, something is wrong with the transmission.

Shifting Malfunctions

You may also notice problems with how the transmission shifts gears. For example, the transmission may not shift through the gear cycle or skip gears as it shifts through the gear cycle. It may also refuse to go into gear or slip out of gear once it is in gear.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Finally, if your transmission is leaking, you will see red spots underneath the sprinter van toward the center of the van. This is a sign that there is something wrong with the transmission pan, the gasket, the seals, or the hoses. The transmission fluid can also leak out of the torque converter.

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Photo by Industrial Photograph via Canva Pro